All The Lovely Bad Ones

 All the Lovely Bad Onesby Mary Browning Hahn 

4 stars -

Travis and his sister Corey only meant to have a little fun....

  Spending the summer at their Grandmother's Inn wasn't the most exciting vacation they'd ever had.  Once there, Travis and Corey learn that there's a rumor around town that their grandmother's inn is haunted.  

 Corey decides to shake things up with the guests by pretending to be a ghost herself.   To her and Travis's surprise, however, more ghost sightings begin to be reported.  This time Corey is not the one doing the haunting.  

What started as fun and games has actually released the real spirits of children who lived on Fox Hill - small children who love to play pranks on Corey, Travis, and the guests.  All of the ghosts are not playful or innocent.  They're angry and hurt - and are ready for Corey and Travis to experience the same pain.  Corey and Travis must learn about what really happened to the children and families that lived on Fox Hill - the torture and horrors they experienced.

Before they themselves become one of the lovely, bad ones.....