Lush by Natasha Friend

 4 stars

Sam's life is hanging by a thread. Her best friend since elementary school has turned into a typical dorky, pervy middle school moron. Although Sam has four BFFs that she spends every weekend with, they don't have a clue about her father's alcoholism. Sam's mother is always zoned out on yoga, and she never wants to hold Sam's father accountable for his drinking binges. Desperate for advice, Sam turns to an anonymous source - by leaving a letter describing her problems in a library book. Soon Sam begins corresponding back and forth with a person she's never even met. With this support things begin to get better, though. Sam finds herself the object of a hot high school guy's crush. She is suddenly Miss Popularity at her own school. Her father promises to make some changes. Yep - life is good. That is...until the violence starts.

Lush is an important book for anyone in middle school dealing with struggles and stress in his home life. The author does not paint a pretty picture or a happy ending in this novel. This does, however, offer hope to anyone dealing with alcoholism - and will offer the reader hope in the end.