Black Duck

5 stars


Black Duck  is a book inspired by actual events in our history.  When alcohol was banned during Prohibition, a rum-running cargo called Black Duck became legendary for its seemingly heroic feats.  The crew was always managed harrowing escapes from the Coast Guard, and the boat itself seemed to vanish into thin air when being pursued.  Though the exploits of the boat and crew are interesting to read about, it's the cast of characters in the novel that will capture the reader's interest. The story begins when David Peterson locates an elderly man named Ruben Hart who is rumored to have been a crew member of the Black Duck during his younger days.  Through informal interviews, David learns the story of Ruben, Ruben's best friend Jeddy, and the tragic downfall of the Black Duck. The story will leave the reader spellbound - starting with Ruben's first recollections. Ruben asks David, "Have you ever seen a dead body?"  Then Ruben begins his story.. So Jeddy McKenzie and I came on this body... page 8 This novel hooks you from the start - all the way to the tragic, yet satisfying conclusion.