Claim to Fame by Margaret Peterson Haddix


4 Stars - Fast-paced mystery

Lindsay seemed to have it all.  She spent her tween years as a child star of the hit TV show Just Me and the Kids.  She was beautiful and famous.  Parents wanted their children to be like her, teen girls wanted to look like her, and all the boys wanted to be with her. 

When the pressure became too much, Lindsay started slipping.  Before long, she had a full-blown nervous breakdown.  Living in obscurity with her eccentric father, Lindsay just wants to forget about her former life and hide away from the world.  For years, she is able to do just that.  Her father homeschools her, and she rarely goes out in public.  Everything changes, though, when her father dies.

All these years, Lindsay has kept a secret from the world.  She can hear others' thoughts about her - reads their minds.  Feeling like a freak, Lindsay is determined to continue living her life isolated from the world.  She stays alone in her home, continues with her online classes, and pays the bills with the savings from Just Me and the Kids. 

Lindsay manages to get away with it for a while....until the tabloids publish a crazy story that she is being held hostage by her father.  Once she's spotted in her neighborhood, two teen boys decide to be heroes and kidnap her, thinking they are "rescuing her" from her horrible father.  Lindsay is afraid - not because she thinks they may hurt her.  Toby is pretty good-looking, and she knows his thoughts ... how much he likes her and how he only has good intentions to help her.  What about his friend Roz, though?  She's very suspicious that something is not "quite right" with Lindsay?  Will she sell information about her to the tabloids or go to the police?

Lindsay wants to hide but now she can't.  Even though her father is now gone, Lindsay finds out she's not alone.  There are others who are waiting and watching....listening to her thoughts - including Lindsay's own mother.

Will Lindsay learn to trust others?  How long can she keep her sixth sense a secret?


*Recommended Read Aloud