The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

 5 Stars - Could not stop reading this novel!

     Kyra isn't your average 13 year-old.  Isolated from the "outside" world, Kyra has grown up with 17 siblings, her mother, and her father's other two wives.  For years, Kyra believed her father when he told her that they were "the chosen ones."  She was obedient to her family and to the annointed Prophet in their small community.  Once Kyra became a teenager and a new Prophet was named, however, she began questioning the life which has been dictated to her and her siblings.

The new Prophet had restricted their access to the outside world, banned Kyra's beloved books, and believed women should be kept silent, while the men ruled their families with an iron fist, forcing them all into obedience if they ever questioned the Prophet's teachings or if they acted in defiance against their community's strict beliefs.

Kyra begins breaking the rules.  She starts reading books again delivered from a book mobile.  She also develops feelings for Joshua - sweet Joshua, even kissing him and letting him hold her hand.  When Joshua tells Kyra that in two years he wants to choose her to be his wife - his only wife-Kyra believes she can one day find happiness despite the oppressive community and overbearing rules.

Kyra's dreams are soon shattered when she learns that she has already been chosen by another.  The man she is to wed is her sixty year old uncle.  Kyra knows she has to act now and escape, even if it means leaving behind the family she adores and losing the boy she loves, even with the chance they may catch her and kill her- just as they did the others.....