Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix



fourstars4.jpg 4.5 Stars

Has Haddix ever written a dull book?  Not one that I have read! Her newest title, Found, is no exception to this.  Jonah is the typical pre-teen- he has a sister he cares about but often argues with, a best friend who spends time hanging out with him each day, and parents he loves, except when they're driving him crazy!  Jonah knew he was adopted by his parents.  Since this information had been open to him since he was old enough to understand and was discussed at length by his parents, it never made Jonah feel different or strange.

 That was until the first letter arrived.

 You are one of the missing.

 At first Jonah thought it was a joke.  When his best friend Chip begins receiving the same letter, and they find out that they have a eerily similar background, Jonah knew someone was after them. 

Soon Jonah, Chip, and his sister Katherine find themselves in danger - they are asking too many questions and are close to discovering the shocking truth.  Despite the danger, Jonah is determined to find out where they came from, and why they now must leave. 

Haddix has started another exciting, mysterious series for young adults!  Series Title:  The Missing, Book One:  Found