The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney




The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney by Suzanne Harper


3-gray-stars.jpg    3.5 Stars

 Sparrow Delaney craves a normal life.  Unlike most teens that think their parents are boring, Sparrow just wishes her mom and six sisters would stop drawing attention to themselves and would behave the way a normal family should. 

From the time Sparrow was born into a family of psychics, she has been told that as the seventh daughter, she would be special.  Her family has assured her that she has inherited an extraordinary talent - she can communicate with people who have passed.  Sparrow can see and talk to ghosts and spirits with a stronger clarity than any of her ancestors before her.  Imagine her family's disappointment when Sparrow seems unable to communicate with ghosts at all, and furthermore, she could care less about ever developing her skills.

In reality, Sparrow has been keeping a secret from her family.  She has been able to talk with the dead since the age of five.  At fifteen years old, Sparrow has managed to successfully hide this from everyone but now she is finding it impossible to keep quiet.  

One ghost in particular, Luke, refuses to leave Sparrow alone.  He must communicate with his family before he can pass to the other side, and he needs Sparrow's help.  Sparrow only wants to think about her secret crush, Jack, and she is determined to appear normal to all the other students at her new school.  

Sparrow soon finds herself torn when she learns that Jack thinks that all mediums are fakes and liars.  And Luke, the sad, young man who needs her help, was actually Jack's brother.  Will Sparrow expose herself in order to help Luke find eternal peace?  Will she risk her budding relationship with Jack and reveal her hidden abilities to her new friends and to her family?

 Interesting book that kept my attention, but I was disappointed when the author never explained the mystery surrounding Sparrow's father's disappearance...hmmmm....I smell a sequel...