Camo Girl by Kekla Magoon

3.5 Stars

     Ella was used to being the outsider.  All the students at her school were white, and some teased her for her discolored facial skin, calling her "Camo."  Z was the only friend she could count on.  Sure Z was strange.  He usually wouldn't respond unless you called him Agent Z, and he frequently lived in a fantasy world.  Z was always a little different, but he really began acting strange after his father left his family.  Ella didn't care, though.  Z was always there for her and accepted Ella just as she was.  Ella didn't think anything would ever change until the new boy moved into town.

     Bailey was the new goodlooking African-American boy who transferred to Ella's middle school.  Everyone wanted to be his friend.  Bailey, though, seemed most interested in becoming good friends with Ella.  Suddenly Ella belonged.  She sat at the cool table during lunch and started getting invitations to parties.  Though Ella never turned her back on Z, he suddenly seemed threatened by Ella's new relationship.  

     Ella feels torn.  She enjoys feeling good about herself again but cannot forget Z's loyalty and friendship.  Ella knew she would have to make a choice - choosing the friend she could always count on or the life she has always dreamed about...