Little Blog on the Prairie by Cathleen Davitt Bell

     3.5 Stars 

Genevieve could not believe her mother’s summer plans for her family – to live three months at Camp Frontier, completely “roughing it.”    Gen had to give up her iPod, cell phone, TV, and even indoor plumbing!  And how could anyone expect Gen to ever get used to wearing the long scratchy petticoats?

The most disgusting part of frontier life was not having running water to take a regular shower  - gross!  To top it off, Gen also had to share a bed with her younger brother, Gavin.   No matter how much she hated it, Gen’s parents insisted they stay and experience what life was like for early pioneers in the 1890s.

Did pioneer teens have to deal with a bratty, Mrs. Know It All, like Camp Frontiers owner’s daughter, Nora?  Did the girls in the 1800s crush on boys?  To Gen’s surprise, there actually was a hot guy who was also forced by his family to live at Camp Frontier.  Caleb could even rock a straw hat; he was THAT hot.  It wasn’t like he would ever look Gen’s way, though – she didn’t even have deodorant, much less makeup or a flat iron.  Besides, Caleb and Nora seemed awfully chummy.  He barely glanced her way.

The only thing that made Gen’s life somewhat liveable was when she discovered her cell phone hidden at the camp.  Each day, Gen looked forward to texting Kristin and Ashley -  telling them what it was like to grow crops, eat beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…..and how stupid it was she had to spend hours making butter for the family.

Gen had no idea that she wasn’t isolated from the modern world at all.  Her friend Kristin had created a blog documenting Gen’s frontier experiences, and suddenly a fan base for the blog exploded as  thousands of people began subscribing to the blog's RSS feed and reading each day…waiting for Gen’s newest observations…wondering what would happen next.

 Gen thought her life couldn’t become more different than when she left their home and began living at Camp Frontier. All she wanted was to go back – to have her old life back the way it was before.  In reality, though, Gen finds she can’t go back.  Her experiences at Camp Frontier, the relationships her family formed with the other pioneers,  and the popularity of the blog documenting Gen’s words will change her world forever….


Fun story which reminds us of all the modern day amenities we take for granted in today’s world

If you enjoyed Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass, try Little Blog on the Prairie.