Drowning Anna


 Fat…Ugly….Trashy….Noone likes you…you are so stupid…how can you stand looking at yourself in the mirror?

What if you heard these taunts everyday at school? How would you feel about yourself?

When Anna Goldsmith moved to a new town and began attending a new school, she thought she was the luckiest person alive. Everyone believed she was beautiful, smart, and admired her great sense of humor. She even became BFF with the most popular “It” girl at school - Hayley Parkin.

Anna’s dream world, though, soon becomes a nightmare.

Hayley begins bullying Anna - first it was just words….mean, hateful, ugly words. Later the abuse turns physical. Hayley even manages to turn the entire student body against her. No matter what Anna tries to do - be nice to Hayley, ignore her, report the abuse - it still does not stop.

Finally, Anna becomes so desperate to escape the hurt that she makes plans to end everything - once and all.

To find out what happens to Anna, read Drowning Anna by Sue Mayfield.