The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

3.5 Stars

     The Gathering is Book One of the Darkest Power series.  In this novel, the main character Maya loved her life - though it may have seem strange to an outsider - she wouldn't trade places with anyone else.   She liked living in her tiny secluded village, being outdoors, and even living with the free roaming wild animals.  Others may be afraid of the mountain lions there, but not Maya.  They seemed to communicate with her, and Maya had a magical, healing touch with all of the creatures.  Sure, it may be boring at times where she lived, but Maya and her small group of friends always found ways to have fun.  Maya hoped things stayed this way, forever.

   Everything soon changes, though, when Serena dies.  Maya cannot understand how her best friend, captain of the swim team, could have drowned.  Why couldn't Maya have saved her?  If that wasn't enough, some reporter in town kept following Maya and her friends around....asking prying questions about their parents, their lives, and Serena's death.  Who exactly was the new hot guy Rafe?  Did he really have feelings for her?  Or was he looking for something else?

Suddenly Maya begins to realize there were so many secrets, some dangerous and deadly, that had been and still were hidden from her.   Even the reader begins to wonder who can Maya actually trust??

Great start to a new series - but overall, too many questions left unanswered for my reading tastes!