Cynthia Edwards - Review of Where the Sky Doesn’t End by Ron Nichols

I have read “Where The Sky Doesn’t End” by Ron Nichols. This book is written from three point of views. The first, from Brandon’s point of view. The second, from Aria’s. The third, from Mr. Washington’s. Brandon is a young boy who wants to fly like his father did. His father died in a fire. This changed Brandon’s life forever. Aria is a rude little girl that always played with the boys, but soon realizes that boys are boys and they don’t want to hang out with girls. Mr. Washington is a black custodian. This book takes place during a time with rascism , so color is important. Brandon and aria get into trouble and must face the consequences that starts a awkward friendship.

This book has many twists and turns. I was hooked right from the beginning. This book might take place somewhere else, but this is one of the most relatable books that i have ever read. Everything that comes up in this book happens in everyday life. I recommend this book to every reader.