Football Genius by Tim Green


  Four Stars

Troy White had a great gift - he could predict beforehand the opposing football team's strategy and plays.  Call it ESP or intuition - either way, Troy just knew he could be very valuable to his favorite team - the Atlanta Falcons. Even though the team's star linebacker lived in a ritsy neighborhood close to Troy, he knew he'd never have a chance to meet him - much less, help them have a winning season.  He couldn't even get his own football coach to let him play - not as long as Troy played the same position as the coach's annoying son, Jamie.

Troy thought his luck had changed.  His mom found a great knew job working in the PR department of the Falcons.  She even had an All-Access pass!  Troy would get to see the action up close!  And maybe, just maybe, he'd have a chance to help Seth and the Falcons win the championship.

Troy's plan fails miserably.  He gets arrested for trying to sneak up to Seth and the Falcon's Coach during a game.  His mom loses her new job.  And to top it off, she busts him for sneaking into Seth's backyard through a hole in the fence and stealing a game ball.

Troy knows he has to prove to everyone he really is a football genius - no matter what it takes.