After Tupac and D Foster

After Tupac and D Foster by Jacqueline Woodson

      Four stars

Neeka and her best friend had been tight since they were little kids - being hauled around in their onesies by their mamas.  They always thought it would be the two them, sitting on Neeka's stoop, laughing and cutting up.  Then they met D Foster.

D was crazy beautiful.  Even Neeka's hot brother, Jayjones, got goofy around her.  D's life wasn't so pretty.  Her mom was hooked on drugs and D had been passed around from one foster home to another.  At least Flo bought food with the state money. 

The narrator and Neeka had their own set of problems, too.  Neeka had to catch grief about her older brother, Nash.  Then Nash gets locked up over something stupid.  The narrator didn't know her daddy and times were always tough for her and her mama.

Only one person seemed to know what each girl was feeling - Tupac.  Tupac's songs and dope lyrics always spoke to their hearts. 

No matter what happened, even if they lost touch with one another, and D was lost to them forever, Neeka, the narrator, and D knew what they  had together was real. As real as the pain in Tupac's voice.