Twilight by Meyer


Twilight by Stephenie Meyer was given to me by Mr. Barnett. It was also recommended by Mrs. Cantrell. At first, I was not eager to read this book because I knew it was a Vampire story and thought it was probably more for high school students versus middle school pre-teens. I was actually wrong on both accounts.

The more I read of this novel, the more I wanted to know. I have not read many horror books or vampire stories. When I was in high school I was a Christopher Pike addict, but now I tend to prefer less gruesome, violent reading. I have read Darren Shan's Vampire Mountain. This book is nothing like the Cirque du Freak series. Much less gore - much more emotion. Much better written.

This book includes mystery, action, suspense, romance, and all the conflicts involved with teen angst. The reader will identify with Bella. Bella never feels she belongs. She is accident-prone - terrible at all sports and often trips over her own feet. Her parents are divorced, and she finds herself pushed into a situation where she has to live with a father that she really does not know.
Surprisingly, Bella actually does fit in at her new school. Boys like her. She is suddenly popular - the new girl that everyone wants to know. Everything seems to slowly fall into place. That is, until Bella meets Edward.

Edward Cullen and his family are the most beautiful people that Bella has ever seen. Edward, in particular, catches Bella's eye. Not because he seemed to like her so much. Bella cannot understand why he glares angrily at her with such hatred in his eyes.
Bella soon finds herself drawn into a romantic relationship with Edward. Though he tries to push her away, even Edward cannot resist the connection and attraction he has to Bella.

Edward is willing to sacrifice his life, put his own family at risk, anything to be with the one he loves. Though he feels that he has waited his whole life to meet someone like Ella, Edward also must fight a horrific temptation....the never ending desire to end Bella's life.

This book will appeal to sophisticated readers who enjoy fantasy, suspense, and romance.
I admit I may have to buy the sequel, Eclipse. You will fall in love with this story - and will never want it to end.