Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix

doubleidentity.gif     5stars1.gif5stars1.gif5stars1.gif5stars1.gif  Definitely worth checking out 

Bethany always knew her parents were different.  They were older than other parents.  They also were so overprotective - homeschooling Bethany for years, never letting her out of their sight.  Bethany just accepted things for the way they were  - until.......

Bethany's parents, clearly distraught, drive across country to leave her with an aunt she has never met.  Suddenly Bethany realizes that she doesn't know anything about her parents past at all.  Why is everyone in town so shocked when they see her?  Why is she always being compared to "Elizabeth?"  Who is Elizabeth? Some people say that everyone has a twin - someone who looks just like you.  Bethany's life begins to spiral out of control when she learns that she looks just like Elizabeth, her sister who died years earlier.  Not only does she look just alike this sister Bethany never knew existed - they share the same exact DNA.

How is this possible?  What other secrets have her parents been keeping?

Double Identity is a very suspenseful book.  I could not put it down until all of my questions were answered.  My only complaint is that the ending is a bit of a let down after all of the suspense and excitement.  Overall, this is a great book that I believe all students will enjoy reading.